Preparing to sell your iPhone 6s

Selling your iPhone 6s is not as simple as selling the patio furniture from the garden – there are steps you need to take to ensure a safe, secure and smooth sales process. To help you prepare to sell iPhone 6s, we’ve compiled four tips below that will set you on your way.



1. Wipe all data from your phone


You don’t need to be a politician to worry about being hacked or having your personal data stolen; there are hackers present outside of Russia’s Internet Research Agency in Saint Petersburg.


Wiping the data off your iPhone isn’t simply about removing embarrassing chat messages, pictures or videos. There is a multitude of compromising personal information that can be found from the apps installed on your phone. Email logins, password patterns, credit card details, and bank account data are just some of the information which can be extracted from your smartphone by any semi competent hacker.


Selling your phone without properly sanitising it exposes you to the threat of theft and fraud. So make absolutely certain that your phone has been cleaned before handing it to someone else.


The simplest way of stripping off all personal information from your iPhone 6s is by doing a factory reset. Simply go to your phone’s settings, and select General followed by Reset and thereafter, Erase All Content. As a safety precaution against accidental resets, you will be prompted for your passcode or Apple ID for confirmation.


2. Clean your phone physically


First impression matters, so clean up your phone. Scrape off embedded dirt, wiped the chassis and screen clean, and replace any decorative casing with a new one if necessary. A nicer looking phone will always hike up the resale value fractionally.


3. Perform a thorough research


Your iPhone 6s is a valuable asset which could fetch up to a few hundred pounds. As such, it pays to do a comprehensive research on its market rate. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing money from the deal. Evaluate your options and weigh the pros and cons between selling your phone directly or doing a trade in. If you are selling your phone online, spend as much time as you need to verify the buyer. Remember to read user reviews – this is a fountain of information that can tell you all you need to know about the buyer.


You should also consider using resale apps to help you appraise the value of your phone or locate prospective buyers.


4. Packaging


Electronic devices can get damaged during transit. So if you are selling your phone online, make sure that it has been packaged properly before posting. Use plenty of padding inside the box. If you really can’t afford bubble wraps, use old newspapers as padding. You may also consider using inflated plastic bags as shock absorbers (this simply method is quite ingenious).